Testimonials Monroe, NC

J. Harrington, Porcelain Veneers Testimonial
I had porcelain veneers placed on my teeth in 2004. I have been pleased with my wonderful results and have had no problems!

C. Guptill, TMJ Treatment Testimonial
I came to see Dr. Hess after years of struggling with jaw pain, a popping noise when I open, and frequent headaches in the morning. Dr. Hess did a complete TMJ exam and prescribed a splint after taking the proper measurements. I wear it at night and after one week I could tell a huge difference. I no longer have any headaches and my jaw pain has mostly disappeared. I continue to work with Dr. Hess and am confident this issue will be completely resolved.

J. Hinson, Smile Design Testimonial
I knew I needed extensive dental work. And this was a big deal for me because going to the dentist makes me nervous. I needed to find a doctor qualified to handle my difficult case, and that could give me a natural looking result. Thank you Dr. Hess and thanks to his staff! They made restoring my mouth to total health painless and predictable.”

A. Kilby, Smile Makeover Testimonial
The old saying…..as different as night and day certainly applies to my smile! Cracked, chipped, and discolored teeth are now white and even again. Outstanding results from Dr. Hess and his great staff. Thanks again!!

C. Drake, Dental Bridges Testimonial
I am so happy with my new smile! I am not so happy with myself for not doing this years earlier. I always stared at the before and after pictures of Dr. Hess’ earlier cosmetic cases. And one day I said let’s do this!! I smile bigger, more often, and I am a lot more self-confident. I love the natural look and feel. The process was unbelievably easy and totally painless. I ask myself again why I didn’t have Dr. Hess do this for me years ago?!

C. Boe, TMJ Therapy Testimonial
I used to have headaches and muscle tension in my neck and shoulders. Dr. Hess made me a special appliance for my bite to make me comfortable. Then Dr. Hess adjusted my bite to make my teeth and muscles work better. Now the all the muscle tension and headaches are gone!! Thanks, Dr. Hess

J. Kennedy, Smile Makeover Testimonial
Dr. Hess did extensive work on my teeth seven years ago and I am still very pleased. I always look forward to an office visit with Dr. Hess and his wonderful staff. They are extremely courteous and professional and I recommend them most highly.


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