Dental Crowns Monroe, NC

A dentist can choose from many materials when creating a dental crown. Charlotte area dentist, Dr. Leonard Hess of the Union County Center for Comprehensive Dentistry, uses porcelain dental crowns because of their superior aesthetics and long-term durability. Tooth crowns are a restorative dentistry procedure that Dr. Hess provides to patients in Monroe, North Carolina.

What is a Dental Crown?

A dental crown, also called a tooth cap or tooth crown, is a permanent restoration that covers the entire tooth. Dental crowns add strength and protect your natural teeth, improving their function, and overall esthetics. Dr. Hess uses porcelain dental crowns for the most natural-looking, and longest-lasting results. Other dentists elect to use resin materials.

Although resin crowns can be slightly less expensive, they wear down quicker and are more likely to break because of the material. Fortunately, you have Dr. Hess to recommend the best type of dental crown for your unique needs.

Do You Need a Dental Crown?

There are many conditions that Dr. Hess would treat with a dental crown, including:

  • Following root canal therapy
  • Restore a tooth with a large cavity
  • Repair broke or cracked tooth
  • Improve the appearance of misshaped or crooked tooth
  • Cover a stained or discolored tooth
  • Close gaps between teeth
  • Lengthen teeth
  • Other cosmetic dentistry goals

About Dental Crown Procedure

The dental crown procedure takes place in two office visits:

Design and Creation: The dentist will prepare the tooth by removing old fillings or tooth crowns. Next, he will take an impression and place a temporary crown over the tooth. The dental crown will be handcrafted in a dental laboratory to Dr. Hess’ specifications.

Placement: Dr. Hess will remove the temporary tooth crown and apply the new restoration, adjusting the fit and color if necessary. The porcelain dental crown will be permanently bonded to the tooth and lightly polished.

Dental Crown FAQs

What is the cost of a dental crown?

This varies depending on your specific condition and goals, as well as the material selected. If you have dental insurance, your crown may be covered. As a courtesy, we will submit a claim with the reimbursement to be sent directly to you from the insurance company. If you do not have dental insurance or if your dental insurance carrier will not cover your treatment, we do offer a range of payment options including financing for qualified patients.

How long do dental crowns last?

Dr. Hess designs dental crowns to last a lifetime. Proper care and maintenance will ensure that your dental crown will perform at its best for many years.

Can You Replace Gold Crowns with Porcelain Crowns?

Yes, Dr. Hess can replace metal dental crowns, and broken or worn dental crowns with new, porcelain dental crowns. This simple procedure can have a dramatic impact on the appearance of your smile.

Schedule a Consultation

Dr. Leonard Hess offers consultations to discuss your dental concerns. He offers dental crowns in his Charlotte, NC, and Monroe, NC area dentist office. Schedule an appointment today with Dr. Hess to discuss your oral health, concerns, and budget to see if a dental crown is the right choice for you.