Monroe, NC Dentist Office

Welcome to the Monroe, NC dentist office of Dr. Leonard Hess. Dr. Hess is a leading Charlotte dentist for complete oral health care and solutions for dental problems. We provide full dental services for the long-term care of your natural smile. From preventive dental services to smile makeovers and tooth replacement, our team is equipped to meet your needs with compassionate care.

Complete Dentistry in Charlotte

monroe nc dentist office of dr. hess

Dr. Hess is nationally recognized as a highly trained restorative dentist and currently serves as the Clinical Director for the Dawson Academy. Having completed the Dawson Academy curriculum himself, Dr. Hess uses the Dawson principles of Complete Dentistry to offer a more comprehensive, diagnostic approach to your oral health needs.

This advanced training enables Dr. Hess to diagnose and treat complex problems often associated with the bite. We can offer a personalized approach to problems and discomfort often associated with TMJ disorders.

Our patients enjoy the benefits of Complete Dentistry, which takes all aspects of your smile into consideration when evaluating your dental health. While stable, healthy teeth and gums are important, the function of the bite and jaw joints is equally important for your overall dental health. All should work in harmony for a bite that is comfortable and lasting dental health and wellness.

Dr. Hess treats dental problems with a comprehensive approach in order to offer a solution that is designed to deliver a lasting result. Just treating the symptoms and not addressing the underlying problem typically leads to a breakdown of your dentistry over time.

Welcoming New Patients

Dr. Hess welcomes new patients to join our growing dental family in Monroe. We believe in relationship dentistry and take the time to get to know you as an individual when you visit with us. Regular dental care visits are important for the development of that relationship and enable our team to support the health of your smile.

Through routine dental care, we can develop an understanding of your unique risk factors for disease and any lifestyle habits or medical conditions that may be impacting your teeth and gums. If you are seeking a different kind of dental experience for the maintenance of your smile, we welcome you to schedule a visit with Dr. Hess. We believe that we can offer an exceptional patient experience.