Multiple Dental Implants Monroe, NC

Multiple missing teeth can cause many problems that will affect your oral and overall health. If you are missing two or more teeth, you may find it harder to chew food and smile naturally due to embarrassment. You are also at a higher risk for gum disease, bone loss, further tooth loss, shifting of adjacent teeth, and bad breath. The sooner you replace your teeth better outcome you will have. Your dentist will present you with your three main options: a multiple tooth supported dental bridge, a partial denture or an implant supported bridge. Dr. Leonard Hess will recommend multiple dental implants in Monroe, NC because they offer more benefits.

multiple dental implants in monroe, nc

Implant Supported Bridge

An implant supported bridge is a dental bridge that is secured to dental implants instead of adjacent teeth. The traditional bridgework is made up of dental crowns and pontics that are fused together. However, the dental crowns are screwed or cemented to implants that have been surgically inserted into the jaw bone.

This solution will require at least two dental implants to support each side of the bridge. Your dentist can successfully use it to replace front or back missing teeth.

Implant Supported Bridge vs Partial Dentures and Tooth Supported Bridge

Partial dentures and tooth supported bridges do not replace teeth at the roots. They will not prevent the bone reabsorption process. Patients who choose these options will eventually suffer from bone loss in the jaw. Both options also require healthy, remaining teeth to support them. A partial denture uses mental clasps that will grab onto adjacent teeth. Dental bridges require adjacent teeth to be reduced to accommodate the crowns. This adds extras stress on those teeth and puts them at a higher risk of wear, decay, and disease.

An implant supported bridge is the only option that will allow for full chewing force. Because it is held in place better, you can chew and takes bites out any kind of food you like without restriction. This option is also more comfortable since it mimic natural teeth the best. Your new implant supported bridge will look natural and work just almost like normal teeth without harming any of your remaining, healthy teeth.

How many teeth can an implant supported bridge replace?

In most cases, dentist use it to replace anywhere from two to five teeth however it can replace more. It is important to note that the more false teeth you place on a bridge, the more implants you will need to support it. This solution is still better than replacing every single missing tooth with a single dental implant. We will maximize the number of teeth your implant supported bridge can support without sacrificing the stability of the fixture.

What is the downside to an Implant Supported Bridge?

There are not many downsides to choosing dental implants. The obvious ones are the treatment time takes longer and it costs more. However, an implant supported bridge will give you new teeth that are almost as good as your natural teeth. No other solution can deliver that. The treatment will involve several trips to our Monroe, NC dentist office, a surgery, many quality materials, and lots of healing time. This level of sophistication makes the price tag higher.

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