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For more than 16 years Dr. Leonard Hess, a dentist in Monroe, NC, has been one of the leading dentists in Union County and the Charlotte metropolitan area. Utilizing cutting edge techniques and technology, he provides exceptional general dental care, advanced restorative dentistry, dental implant services, cosmetic dental treatments, and TMJ therapy services.

Natural looking and functional results are always a priority for Dr. Hess and his staff. His relaxed demeanor, individualized care, and attention to detail have earned him a reputation of excellence on a national level.

Dr. Leonard Hess - Monroe NC Dentist

Dr. Hess spent his educational career in the midwestern part of the country. His undergraduate education was completed at Indiana University. And his Doctor of Dental Surgery degree was obtained from prestigious Northwestern University in Chicago, IL. Dr. Hess maintains professional memberships in:

Dr. Hess’ commitment to education has continued as a nationally recognized educator. In addition to his Monroe dental office, Dr. Hess has taught thousands of hours of continuing education for his professional peers over the last 7 years. His hands-on courses include advanced development on topics such as cosmetic and functional smile design, anterior preparation design, treatment planning, and functional occlusal concepts.

In 2009, Dr. Hess was honored to become an associate faculty member of the Dawson Academy, a world renowned center for the advancement of dentistry and in 2012 Dr. Hess was honored to become a senior faculty member. Founded by Dr. Peter Dawson, the academy focuses on improving a clinicians skills in the areas of occlusion, TMJ diagnosis, and esthetic focused restorative dentistry.

The Dawson Academy has locations in St. Petersburg, FL, Chicago, IL, and Chesapeake, VA.

In addition to teaching, Dr. Hess is also a sought after author and has more than 20 major pieces in print. His peer-reviewed educational articles have appeared in journals such as Advanced Esthetics and Interdisciplinary Dentistry, Inside Dentistry, Contemporary Esthetics and Restorative Practice, Vistas, and various online journals.

Dr. Hess is a member of the Advisory Board of theVistas publication. He also works with numerous manufacturers and laboratories to evaluate and test new products and technologies.

Dr. Hess resides outside of Charlotte, North Carolina with his wife and son. Family time, travel, church, golf, aviation, and acting are areas of interest outside of professional commitments.

Dr. Leonard Hess in Poland

Dr. Hess in Poland

Dr. Leonard Hess in Poland

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