How a Single Dental Implant Improves Oral Health

Without a full set of teeth, your mouth is more likely to experience complications such as loss of jaw strength and gum disease. But certain activities, such as eating hard foods or playing contact sports, can cause our teeth to fall out. If you’re missing a tooth, a single dental implant in Monroe, NC, could help strengthen your bite and improve oral health. Compared to other restorative treatments, implants typically provide better protection and longer-lasting jaw strength for missing teeth.

If you’re missing a tooth, a single dental implant in Monroe, NC, could help strengthen your bite and improve your oral health.

How a Single Dental Implant in Monroe, NC, Improves Oral Health

Getting a single dental implant for a missing tooth can help restore strength to your bite. Implants are essentially screws that attach to your jawbone and provide a similar structure and support as a normal tooth. With an added restoration, such as a dental crown, implants help restore your smile and improve oral health.

Bone Structure and Jaw Support

Your jaw is designed to work with a full set of teeth. When one is missing, the rest of your mouth tends to overcompensate, which adds additional strain. Some dental restorations, such as a flipper, can help restore the look of your smile, but they don’t often help improve the strength of your bite or retain the structure of your jaw. With an implant, your face is less likely to suffer sagging caused by loss of bone density, and your bite is more likely to stay in line.

Easier Oral Hygiene Care

Dental implants do require some level of additional care when cleaning, but they’re otherwise much easier to maintain compared to other restoration options. With a dental implant, you can brush and floss your teeth as you normally would, helping you maintain proper oral hygiene routines. Your dentist may recommend a specific toothbrush or floss to help keep your implant healthy for years to come. 

Improved Durability

Single dental implants are one of the longest-lasting options for tooth loss available today. While the restorations for them, such as a crown, will likely need to be replaced every few years, the implant itself lasts much longer. With proper oral hygiene and routine visits to your dentist, your implant could last you a lifetime.

Recently Lost a Tooth?

If you’ve recently lost a tooth, a single dental implant in Monroe, NC, could be the solution. Implants provide greater durability and support while keeping your smile looking as healthy as ever. Contact Dr. Leonard A. Hess at 704-240-5045 to schedule a consultation and determine if an implant is right for you. After a thorough examination of your mouth, Dr. Hess will be able to curate a treatment plan perfect for your mouth. Call today to learn more about single dental implants for oral care.