The Benefits of Cosmetic Dentistry

A smile makeover can be as simple as whitening your teeth or as dramatic as new porcelain veneers that transform your appearance. Whatever you need or desire, changing the look of your smile for the better can have a range of positive effects. Cosmetic dentistry now offers patients the ability to make their smiles whiter, straighter, and more aesthetically pleasing with a wide range of treatment options. What could cosmetic dentistry do for you?

Cosmetic Dentistry: What are the benefits?

Most patients consider a smile makeover a luxury and something they do not need or cannot afford. That is no longer the case with the range of treatments that are considered cosmetic in dentistry or that can offer a way to enhance the appearance of the smile. The many advances in technology, techniques, and materials have made cosmetic dentistry more accessible for patients and often more affordable. Today’s patients can enjoy options when it comes to addressing cosmetic concerns about their smiles.

Cosmetic dental treatment can offer benefits that go beyond the appearance of your teeth and gums. Under the care of Dr. Hess, dental care that enhances the smile is also improving oral health. For example, we will clean your teeth and make sure that the cause of your tooth stains will respond to bleaching agents before providing professional teeth whitening. If you have chipped or cracked teeth, our dental care team will evaluate to determine the cause in the absence of trauma. This is to ensure that your cosmetic dentistry is going to be stable and lasting- not just the treatment of a symptom but part of a solution for a dental problem.

An added but no less important benefit is that for most patients, feeling good about the appearance of their new smile leads to better oral hygiene and dental care. Routine dental visits will help maintain results and provide the opportunity for our team to intercept any emerging dental concerns. Routine dental care and good oral hygiene habits will also protect the investment you have made in your smile. The combination of a more stable, healthy smile and a renewed commitment to dental care is a good foundation for continued oral health and wellness.