What Is A Dawson Dentist?

Dr. Leonard Hess is a Dawson-trained dentist and currently serves as the Clinical Director of the Dawson Academy, teaching colleagues how to improve results for patients using Complete Dentistry. The Dawson Academy principles of Complete Dentistry are focused on the “complete” oral health, function, and wellness of a patient’s smile. A Complete Dentistry dental exam evaluates not only the teeth and gums but also the function of the jaw joints. All need to be healthy harmoniously for you to enjoy a smile that is comfortable and supports long-term dental health.

Dawson Dentist in Monroe, North Carolina

How does Complete Dentistry Benefit the Patient?

Dr. Hess brings extensive training and knowledge to patient care in our Charlotte area dentist office. The comprehensive approach that Complete Dentistry offers helps patients achieve and enjoy optimal dental health. Teeth, gums, and jaw joints that function naturally and a bite that is balanced helps you to avoid common dental problems and to enjoy a comfortable bite. When a bite problem exists, it can produce discomfort, tooth damage, and other problems.

Complete Dentistry focuses on identifying the root cause of occlusal problems and creating a solution that restores balance to the bite, allowing the teeth to make proper contact and the jaw joints to function without stress and tension. During routine dental care, Dr. Hess evaluates the bite and can look for any signs of a problem such as teeth that appear worn or jaw joints that make clicking sounds in motion. Complete Dentistry enables Dr. Hess and our dental care team to support patients in the maintenance of their smiles and to offer solutions for complex concerns.

Complete Dentistry also enables Dr. Hess to provide advanced diagnostics and treatment for TMJ disorders. TMJ therapy that is tailored to the unique needs of each patient is more successful and can deliver a lasting outcome.

Looking for a different dental care experience in Charlotte?

Dr. Hess welcomes new patients and can work with you to restore the health of your smile if you have been away from the dentist. Schedule an appointment and experience the difference that the Complete Dentistry approach can offer for the overall health of your smile.