Dr. Leonard Hess Patient Reviews

Dr. Leonard Hess is a Monroe, NC dentist that is passionate about helping patients renew their smiles. If you are looking for a new North Carolina dentist, you can contact us at 704.240.5045 or request a consultation online. Learn what patients have to say about Dr. Hess and his dental team below:

Patient Reviews Monroe, NC dentist


“After many years, since childhood, of grinding and clenching my teeth while I slept, the consequences resulted in wearing away the top layer of enamel on my six top front teeth on their backside. Ignoring this problem could have eventually led to losing these teeth. That’s where Dr. Hess stepped in. He explained the procedure that would keep my core teeth structure and replace those teeth with crowns. I ended up with an amazing set of six front teeth that look totally natural and much nicer looking than my original teeth. Many friends and acquaintances have been complimentary of my teeth and are really surprised to learn that Dr. Hess had replaced the worn teeth with such a natural look. Thank you, Dr. Hess! And his awesome staff! I would highly recommend this procedure for anyone experiencing problems such as mine or for completely cosmetic reasons.” -M. Grismer


“Dr. Hess is the most thorough dentist I’ve ever seen. I had veneers done by Dr. Hess and they are beautiful! He is an artist that made my veneers look like my natural teeth, only much better!! Dr. Hess and his staff go the extra step to make sure the experience is a great one. I highly recommend him for any type of dental work.” -B. Edwards


“I started having major mouth pain after hours and went to an emergency dental office in Charlotte. They advised I had a cracked tooth and needed to pull it. They would pull the tooth, pack socket with bone, and in 2 months be ready for an implant. It sounded like a pretty rough procedure so I decided to just deal with pain through the weekend and visit my regular dentist Dr. Hess on Monday (today). I called this morning, they got me in right away. Turns out wasn’t a tooth issue at all but a gum issue. Dr. Hess numbed my mouth and in 15 minutes had me fixed up. The pain is completely and totally gone and I still have my tooth. I was looking at weeks of pain and more dental work had I listened to the completely wrong dentist. Dr. Hess is the best and I highly recommend.” -Drew C.