Dental Implants Charlotte, NC

Are your missing teeth creating unnecessary confidence issues? Don’t worry, lost teeth can be replaced using modern dental procedures!

Today’s dental patients enjoy a range of tooth replacement options to suit their dental health needs, cosmetic goals, and budget. Charlotte, NC dentist Dr. Leonard Hess works with patients who have lost teeth to restore a functional and comfortable smile with dental implants for a permanent, natural-looking, and functioning solution. Although, dental implants are not for everyone. Sometimes other tooth replacement options are better aligned with your unique issue. Fortunately, Dr. Hess can assess your unique smile with a comprehensive dental exam to determine if you are the right candidate. We will never recommend unnecessary treatments that do not fix the root cause and do our best to work within your budget.

Why replace missing teeth?

Having missing teeth can be the most embarrassing thing a person can experience. It can affect your smile, the shape of your lower face, create facial sagging, and your ability to eat certain foods. The way you look and feel about your appearance can have negative consequences on your life. Not only can having missing teeth affect your appearance, but it also affects your oral health. When you’re missing teeth, bone loss and an unbalanced bite will occur. An unbalanced bite will lead to TMJ symptoms. Charlotte, NC dentist Dr. Hess will recommend dental implants for missing teeth because they are the most natural-looking and permanent solution to tooth loss.
Dental Implants in Charlotte NC

Dental Implants: What To Expect

During an initial consultation, Dr. Hess will perform a thorough dental exam and discuss your medical history to ensure that you are a good candidate for dental implants. A key requirement is a sufficient healthy bone structure in the jaw to support the implant.

The dental implant process is multi-step, beginning with impressions and the surgical placement of a tiny titanium post into the jaw bone. Dr. Hess will coordinate this step with a local oral surgeon and follow up with you to ensure proper healing and a good result.

The healing time is generally 3-6 months, after which Dr. Hess will restore your new implant with a custom dental crown, bridge, or denture. Your restoration will look and function the same as your natural teeth. You can brush and floss normally. Routine visits to the dentist will ensure the long-term health and function of the dental implant.

Benefits of Dental Implants in Charlotte, NC

  • 95% or higher success rate
  • Maintains bone density
  • Avoids degradation of healthy teeth (as in conventional bridgework)
  • Improves the appearance of the smile and lower face
  • Patients can eat food without restrictions
  • No worry of dentures slipping or falling out
  • Looks, feels, and functions like a natural tooth
  • Long-lasting solution

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If you have a missing tooth or several missing teeth, Dr. Hess offers dental implants in his Charlotte and Monroe, NC area cosmetic dentist offices. Schedule an appointment today with Dr. Hess to discuss your oral health, concerns, and budget to see if dental implants are the right choice for you.