Solutions for Bite Problems

Do you have a bite that feels uneven or uncomfortable? When the teeth are not able to make proper contact when biting, it can lead to a range of problems affecting the health and comfort of your smile. Dr. Leonard Hess can provide the comprehensive dentistry you need to resolve a temporomandibular disorder (TMD) or bite problem.

Often called TMJ, bite problems create both functional and cosmetic concerns for your natural smile. These can include:

  • Malocclusion or crooked teeth
  • Jaw pain as a result of muscle tension in the jaw joints
  • Tooth damage or worn teeth as a result of teeth grinding
  • Difficulty chewing comfortably
  • Popping or clicking jaw joints or joints that can lock up

Treating a TMJ disorder by addressing the underlying problem with the bite is the key to a lasting outcome that will support long-term oral health and wellness. As a Dawson-trained dentist in Charlotte, Dr. Hess uses advanced techniques and digital technology to evaluate how your teeth are making contact and how the jaw joints are functioning. The goal of a personalized treatment plan for TMJ is to realign the bite and relieve muscle tension in the jaw joints.

Dr. Hess can offer personalized solutions for TMJ and bite problems. These can range from conservative to more invasive restorative options depending on the severity of your symptoms or the existing damage. Common treatments include:

  • Mouthguard or night guard: a custom oral appliance that will prevent tooth grinding or bruxism and allow the jaw to rest in a more natural and relaxed position.
  • Bite equilibration: this can include a range of restorative treatments with the goal of recreating a bite that does not put pressure on certain teeth or jaw joints.
  • Orthodontics: braces may be necessary to reposition teeth if malocclusion is the problem.
  • Oral surgery: in more complex cases where there is a jaw structure problem, an oral surgical procedure may need to be coordinated to resolve your symptoms and restructure the bite.

Resolving a bite problem is important for your dental health and often improves overall health and quality of life. The effects of a TMD can cause pain and discomfort, impact the teeth and gums, and make it more difficult over time to enjoy your favorite foods.

Dr. Hess is able to help patients with a TMJ disorder re-establish a healthy bite, one that is comfortable and aesthetically pleasing. Schedule a dental visit in our Monroe NC dental office to discuss your unique concerns and explore your options.