What Is It Like to Receive A Total Smile Makeover?

When patients are unhappy with their smile, many are too apprehensive to move forward with a smile makeover. Jack is a patient of Dr. Leonard Hess who underwent a total smile restoration, despite his initial concern. Jack is happy to report that his treatment plan was easy, virtually pain-free and resulted in a smile he feels proud to share.

Our patients understand the quality, attention to detail, and passion that goes into every smile that leaves our Monroe, NC dentist office. This month, we let Jack tell his story about his total smile makeover and how it changed his life for the better.

Jack’s total smile makeover

Jack has known Dr. Hess for over 10 years. Jack had severe bruxism, gaps between his teeth and felt self-conscious of his receding gums. Through a comprehensive exam, Dr. Hess determined that Jack’s bite was misaligned. His malocclusion was causing damage to the teeth and gums. Dr. Hess addressed the alignment of Jack’s bite first and then proceeded with additional cosmetic treatments resulting in a total smile makeover. Dr. Hess treated over 20 of Jack’s teeth. Jack reports that his experience was easy, comfortable, and life-changing.

“You know when someone needs extensive dental work I think sometimes it is very difficult to know where to go or who to turn to. Dr. Hess is very focused on the detail of his work and perfection and doing things the right and I highly recommend him.” Jack

Dr. Leonard Hess is Senior Faculty at the prestigious Dawson Academy. He provides his patients with high quality, state of the dentistry that focuses on resolving underlying functional issues to ensure lasting results. Dr. Hess offers a full range of dental services from routine dental exams to advanced restorative procedures for total smile makeovers.

Dr. Hess continues to help Jack maintain his beautiful new smile with routine dentistry. Jack enjoys visiting the staff at Dr. Hess’s office for regular check-ups and cleanings. In the 8 years since his total smile makeover, Jack has had no serious dental issues.

If you are looking for a new dentist in Monroe, NC contact the office of Dr. Leonard Hess. Our dental care team serves patients in Union County with comprehensive, compassionate dental care.