Repair Your Smile With Dental Bonding

Monroe cosmetic dentist Dr. Leonard Hess offers dental bonding as a solution for patients with damaged teeth. Dental bonding can be used to address dental issues like discolored teeth, broken teeth, chipped teeth, uneven teeth, and even crooked teeth. During your consultation, Dr. Hess will examine your teeth and determine if dental bonding is right for you. In more advanced cases, Dr. Hess may suggest the use of porcelain veneers to restore your smile. Porcelain veneers can a be a long-lasting, durable solution to a variety of dental concerns. If you would like to explore your cosmetic dentistry options, contact the Union County Center For Comprehensive Dentistry in Monroe, NC to schedule an appointment with Dr. Hess.

Dental Bonding To Restore Your Smile

About Dental Bonding

During your visit, Dr. Hess will also address any underlying dental issues. It is important to have a strong, durable foundation for your cosmetic dentistry treatment to stand on. Dr. Hess believes in the idea of complete dentistry in which the teeth, gums, jaw joints and muscles are working in harmony to achieve a healthy, functional smile.

Dental bonding usually requires one short visit to our Monroe, NC dental office. Dr. Hess will work with you to ensure you are comfortable and relaxed during your treatment. At the end of treatment, patients can expect to have a natural looking, durable solution for their damaged teeth.

If you would like to schedule an appointment with Dr. Hess, contact our Monroe dental office. Dr. Hess is currently accepting new patients.