Common Excuses Not To Floss & Why You Should

Scaling and root planning in Monroe North CarolinaSo here is the truth- there are no excuses for not flossing. Flossing is quick, cheap, and effective in protecting your long-term oral health. Flossing regularly can save you time, discomfort and money. Oral hygiene is your best defense against the need for costly and time consuming advanced dentistry. Monroe, NC dentist Dr. Leonard Hess reminds his patients that a floss a day keeps the need for dental work minimal.

No More Excuses, Floss!

The Excuse We Hear: I get my teeth cleaned twice a year at your Monroe dentist office. I do not need to floss!

Dr. Hess’s Answer: We are glad you visit us twice a year. Professional dental cleanings are an essential part of maintaining your oral health. However, plaque can harden into tartar in just 48 hours, so unless you are getting weekly professional cleanings, you still need to floss. Brushing cannot reach areas floss can. Flossing removes plaque buildup that grows in the small crevices and gaps in your smile .

The Excuse We Hear: When I floss my gums bleed and it is very uncomfortable.

Dr. Hess’s Answer: Bleeding gums are not normal. You are either flossing too vigorously, or you may have some stage of gum disease. Either way, contact our dentist office and we can help you address the issue. Our compassionate dental care team can help perfect your flossing technique so that it is not painful and does not cause bleeding. If you have gum disease, Dr. Hess provides comprehensive periodontal therapy to help prevent further oral health deterioration.

The Excuse We Hear: Flossing is too time consuming.

Dr. Hess’s Answer: Flossing only takes a few minutes out of your day. If you have time to walk the dog, make coffee, or check your social media account, you have time to floss. A good tip for flossing, keep flossing sticks by the T.V, in your purse, car, or by your computer. Anywhere you will see the floss and be reminded how important your oral health is. Taking a minute or two a day to floss can spare you a day in the dentist chair.

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Remember, your oral health impacts your overall health and the quality of life. Flossing is a key piece of full and effective oral hygiene plan. Contact our Monroe dentist office to schedule an appointment and get back to enjoying a healthy, beautiful smile.