Reverse Signs Of Aging

Chipped, yellow or crooked teeth can age your smile, making it appear older than you feel. Highly trained cosmetic dentist Dr. Leonard Hess wants you to feel confident about your smile and enjoy the benefits of good dental health.

Our Monroe dentist office offers a full menu of cosmetic and restorative dentistry treatments to bring your smile back to beautiful- and healthy.

Dental Crowns

The dental crown procedure is completed in two visits to our Monroe dentist office. Designed by Dr. Hess to your specific cosmetic needs, crowns are a permanent restoration that offer sturdy, secure and lifelike results. Dental crowns can repair broken or cracked teeth, reshape a misshapen tooth or close gaps between teeth without orthodontics. During a personal consultation with Dr. Hess ask if dental crowns will be the best solution for your cosmetic dental goals.

Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain veneers can take years off of your aged smile. Dental veneers cover the front and sides of your teeth to cover imperfections and damage. Dr. Hess uses the latest materials and tools to create natural looking veneers that are so life like it is near impossible to differentiate them from your natural teeth. A permanent cosmetic dental solution, porcelain veneers can last a lifetime with regular dental hygiene maintenance and care. There are different types of dental veneers that Dr. Hess can discuss with you during your consultation.

Invisible Braces

Do you want to straighten crooked teeth but fear the stigma associated with traditional metal braces? Dr. Hess offers several types of invisible braces. Dr. Hess will assess your orthodontic needs and work with you to suggest the best option for your cosmetic goals. Invisible braces are a great option for teens or adults with mild to moderate orthodontic needs. Discreet, more affordable and gentle, invisible braces are a sought after dental treatment for straightening teeth in about 12 months. A straighter, healthier smile can give you the confidence boost you have been seeking.

Visit the Union County Center for Comprehensive Dentistry to find out how Dr. Hess can help restore your confidence in your smile with a personalized treatment plan.