Oral Hygiene Upkeep

dentist in Monroe NC for preventative dental careNot all oral hygiene products adhere to the same standards. The ADA requires dental hygiene product companies to strictly abide to product regulations that are often more stringent than what the law requires. The ADA’s top priority is safety and effectiveness. The ADA is selective with awarding their seal of approval. If a dental hygiene product has the ADA seal that means it has undergone rigorous scientific testing to qualify. Products with the ADA seal have earned the ADA seal. Monroe dentist Dr. Leonard Hess may recommend purchasing products with the ADA seal.

Products with the ADA seal can supplement your regular teeth cleanings and yearly dentist office visits. A regular daily oral hygiene routine is essential in maintaining any healthy smile. If you have questions about which products will work best for your personal oral health concerns, contact us and schedule a comprehensive dental health consultation.

It can be overwhelming to determine what dental hygiene products are right for you dental health needs. If you want to be sure that your oral health products “say what the they do and do what they say” look for the official ADA seal. From toothpaste and floss to tooth whitening and mouth washes, every dental hygiene product is offered by many different manufactures. The ADA seal must be earned by fulfilling strict ADA product guidelines. The ADA Seal is not an endorsement, the seal is strictly for consumers knowledge that the products they choose are safe.

Still feel overwhelmed with oral hygiene product options? The ADA has created a list of products that have earned the ADA seal. Review the list before hitting the stores, this way you know you will be choosing a dental hygiene product that is right for you.

Just like you choose to visit ADA member dentist, Dr. Leonard Hess, you should choose oral health products that commit to the same high standards. Monroe dentist Dr. Hess is committed to using cutting edge technology and adhering to ADAs high standards of care. Dr. Hess practices complete dentistry philosophy- caring not only for your teeth, but for your oral system as a whole. Dr. Hess’s 15 plus years of dental practice can help patients achieve long lasting comfort and natural smile aesthetics.