Restorative Dentistry with a Comprehensive Approach

Restorative dentistry can offer patients treatment options for tooth repair and replacement to maintain their dental health. However, diagnosing and addressing any underlying dental problems is key if dentistry is to be comfortable and lasting.

Charlotte restorative dentist Dr. Hess, with years of experience and hours of continuing education in many facets of dentistry, takes a comprehensive approach to all types of treatment in order to identify any possible dental health issues that will affect long term results.

Dr. Hess is a graduate of the Dawson Academy, which teaches the principles of complete dentistry, a holistic approach to all dentistry based on ensuring lasting results by restoring balance to the bite so that all parts of the occlusal system work together harmoniously.

Restorative Procedures

Root canal: a root canal can save a diseased or severely damaged tooth, supporting long term oral health by keeping the natural tooth in place.
Dental crown: a dental crown covers the tooth like a cap, strengthening it and preserving its integrity.
Dental bridges: a dental bridge can replace a lost tooth and is supported by adjacent teeth.
Dentures: modern dentures offer better fit and a more natural appearance. Ideally, they can be secured with dental implants , often called “all-on-four”, for a custom secure fit that does not require daily adhesives.
Dental implants: considered the “gold standard” of tooth replacement, dental implants provide a natural looking AND functioning tooth and support bone retention.

Depending on the situation at hand, Dr. hess will recommend a restorative treatment designed to give patients a lasting outcome that will feel comfortable and enable them to maintain a good quality of life.

Being able to speak clearly and eat a varied, healthy diet has proven to be an important part of maintaining physical well being as we age. Restorative dentistry, when successful, is an important part of overall healthcare. Dr. Hess considers himself a partner in his patient’s healthcare and works with each one on an individual basis to help them meet their personal goals for dental health.